After weeks of avoiding writing for an unknown reason I am back! Submitted the Queer Girls in Class submission this morning and continuing to work on the ACOA submission based piece.



So I’m writing an ACOA based article on responsibility, and its hell to actually write it. I don’t know if its allergies or exhaustion, but I have been terribly distracted lately. This morning I’m trying to write from home; it’s not working.

I haven’t written the last two mornings, and its hard to pinpoint why. I allow myself distractions, and I know once the distractions begin that they don’t end during the time I have. The next piece I will be working on is about my childhood. It’s a submission to an anthology about children raised by alcoholics. I think I will focus on the subject of “responsibility”. Ironic I suppose since I’ve been avoiding my self responsibility of writing. When I don’t write, I only upset myself…no one else really minds. So I find it a difficulty to keep to this responsibility. Its hard to believe that it is a *real* responsibility. However, it is the career I hope that someday can sustain me. If I view it as the ticket out of my current boredom why do I avoid it?

I’m currently working on a piece for Lambda Literary anthology, Queer
Girls in Class. They want stories of lesbian and bisexual women as
students or teachers and how their orientation (closeted or not)
affected the classroom dynamic. The submission is due by August 15th,
but I feel like I have a good rough draft.

I’ll take it for critique at the Rochester Writers Association this
Thursday. I find a lot of value in their suggestions. This piece,
nameless at the moment, focuses on my last year of college, including my
relationship with H and being out on campus and in my classes.

I’m here because I want a venue to focus on my life as a writer. While I
update a personal blog about our life and garden there is not one that
documents this part time focus in my life.

I hope it will not always be part time. I would like this to be the
focus of my paid life.

So where have I gotten so far? I completed a novel several years ago.
Gazing at Grace was written in the aftermath of my semester in Mexico.
At its heart it is a coming of age/coming out story. A colleague of my
wife’s has offered to be a “first reader” for it, and I will be
interested in what she has to say. Friends and a professional editor
have been its only overseers to this point.

A blog has been ruminating for some time. I’ve been writing a host of
essays and submitting to various contests, magazines, and journals. An
essay “A Real Thanksgiving” will be published in an anthology called
Thanksgiving Tales this fall. I find tracking my own progress to be a
helpful motivator in the often isolated world of a writer.

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